Ark Studios

(Frequently Mentioned Hesitations)
I have no experience in shoots..

I am here to guide and support you throughout the entire process, ensuring everything runs smoothly. With my years of experience in portrait and editorial photography, I provide an environment that allows you to relax and be your authentic self. You have the freedom to be as involved or as hands-off as you prefer. My goal is to tailor this experience to your comfort level and individual needs.

Can I come and check out the studio before I rent the space?

I recognize that a photoshoot involves many moving parts, and I am here to accommodate your preferred level of involvement. In addition to coordinating the shoot, I can assist with creating a moodboard, finding hair and makeup artists, a wardrobe stylist, and even securing a location if necessary.

Too expensive

While I understand this concern, I assure you that the quality of my services justifies the cost. My process from start to finish is top-notch and fluid, designed to excite both my clients and myself as we work together. The effectiveness of my workflow is well-loved, as you can see from testimonials and feedback from actors I've previously worked with, many of whom continue to choose me as their photographer.

Not worth it…

If you are seeking the best experience with consistently reliable results, delivered on time or even ahead of schedule, then I am the ideal fit for you.

My photography ensures that you are depicted accurately, setting clear expectations for your audience or casting directors. This precision in representation not only aids in casting but also builds trust with your audience, enhancing your overall appeal and credibility.

I'm worried I wont like it

I understand that choosing a photographer is an important investment, and it's natural to want a guarantee that you'll be pleased with the images. To help reduce any risk, during the shoot, you have the opportunity to view the images live on a 73” screen. This allows us to review the shots together before changing looks, ensuring each image meets your expectations. This flexibility enables you to provide real-time feedback and direction, ensuring the final images align perfectly with your vision.

Additionally, you can gain insight into my work by reading testimonials from past clients, many of whom return for their photography needs.

I am also proud to work with a highly talented team, including some of the best hair & makeup artists and wardrobe stylists in the industry. Each team member brings years of experience and a proven track record.

The style is not for me..

My visual style is defined by clean, crisp images that boast on composition and lighting.  My portraits stand out, as I have a knack for capturing the essence and personality/character of my subjects. I lean towards rich, saturated tones in my use of color, elevating the mood and sentiment of my photographs. My style strikes a balance between technical precision and artistic vision, creating impactful and stunning images.

If this is not what you are looking for, (I might regret saying this) I suggest finding a photographer that suits your style. As an artist my style is my voice, and that’s the only thing that I offer.

I need the images ASAP!

No problem! While I typically ask for 1 week to get your proofs and another week for your retouched images. Thanks to the highly efficient system I've developed, we can deliver the retouched images to you by the end of the day, if needed. In fact, you can expect to receive these images within just 2-3 hours after our shoot if needed.

This is made possible by my team of retouchers I have access to 24/7 who are not only talented but also incredibly fast!

I don’t have much time but I want to get as many looks as possible.

I love this! I pride myself on being a fast shooter, capable of capturing 6 looks within an hour. This efficiency is all about proper planning and clear communication.

My clients often comment on how quickly I shoot compared to most photographers, and this speed is the result of several key factors: having the right team, creating the right environment, using the right gear, and leveraging my extensive experience.

What are past clients saying about Noah?

Excellent question, you can view some of them on my blog or google review :)

Ark Studios is a spacious studio located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. The studio offers 2,400 square feet of space with 18 feet ceiling height, making it perfect for a variety of photography and video shoots. The studio is situated on the ground floor, making it easy to load in equipment, and it's conveniently located within a 5-minute walk to both the Canada Line and Skytrain. In addition, the studio is within a 3-minute walk from groceries and shops, making it easy to pick up any last-minute items needed for your shoot. There are also plenty of parking options available in the surrounding area.







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black sandbags photographed against white backdrop in the studio